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Bees Ashwagandha

The Bees Line Ashwagandha capsules work as an effective vitality booster stress reliever by reducing cortisol levels. This remarkable herb also helps to cure insomnia, reduce blood sugar levels, and increase muscle mass and strength in the form of easy-to-use capsules.

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The Bees Line Exports (Pvt) Ltd is a diversified and growing healthcare products export company in Sri Lanka. The product “Bees Ashwagandha” is manufactured by the Life Care Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd Sri Lanka which is a renowned manufacturing unit approved by the Department of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka and certified with ISO 22000, HACCP,  IAF, UKAS, GMP and Natural. Ashwagandha capsules are produced from the root powder of the Withania somnifera plants in Sri Lanka. This 100% natural product is gluten-free, gelatin-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, vegan and non-GMO.

Withania somnifera is a medicinal plant that extends over a large area, from the Atlantic ocean to South East Asia and from the Mediterranean region to South Africa. The medicinal plants are widely used by the Ayurveda for curing various diseases in their day to day practice. The name “ashwagandha” is derived because of two reasons; the roots of the herb smell like a horse and, there is a commonly held belief that a person consuming extracts of the herb may develop strength and vitality similar to that of a horse.

Benefits of Bees Ashwagandha:

  • Treat anxiety and depression
  • Help fight neurodegenerative diseases – dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Huntington’s diseases
  • Energy booster
  • Treat male Infertility (stimulant and increases the sperm count)
  • Help fight cancer
  • Boost heart health
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Treating rheumatoid arthritis
  • Anti-ageing

A bottle of Bees Ashwagandha consists of 60 capsules and each capsule contain 500 mg. Capsules are made from vegetable cellulose and contain 100% natural Withania somnifera root powder. The recommended dosage is 1 capsule 2 times per day.

Advantages of Bees Ashwagandha:

  • Enhances the function of the brain and nervous system and improves the memory
  • Improves the function of the reproductive system promoting a healthy sexual and reproductive balance
  • Being a powerful adaptogen, it enhances the body’s resilience to stress
  • Improves the body’s defence against disease by improving the cell-mediated immunity
  • Possesses potent antioxidant properties that help protect against cellular damage caused by free radicals.